How to Get Someone Into Rehab: 7 Step Guide

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However, even if you don’t have support at home, other options are available, such as hiring professional caregivers, using long-term pet sitters, taking a leave from school, etc. Additionally, while not common, some specialized rehab facilities offer family-based or parent-focused treatment that often includes on-site or nearby childcare services while the parent is in treatment. Remember that addiction is a complex issue that requires patience and understanding. Recovery is not only possible but achievable with the right resources, support, and commitment.

Online Therapy Can Help

  • Recognizing warning signs and having a plan to address potential relapse can help individuals stay on track.
  • Often, a substance abuse problem indicates another issue, such as stress, grief, or mental illness.

However, when someone who clearly needs professional help isn’t getting it, the urge to force them becomes evident. Under these circumstances, it may be tempting to use blackmail, guilt, or bribery to try to make a point. Sometimes this might work, but it can open the door to relationship issues and resistance in rehab.

how to get someone into rehab

Consult a Medical Professional

how to get someone into rehab

A person might not be able to control or limit their substance use, despite harmful consequences. Loss of control can manifest as unsuccessful attempts to quit, repeated relapses, or escalating substance use. Here are some tips on how to get someone into rehab whether or not the person wants to go.

Why is Telling Someone That They Need to Enter Rehab So Hard?

The person might develop tolerance, meaning they require larger amounts of the substance to achieve the same effect, and they could experience withdrawal symptoms when attempting to stop or reduce use. After you’ve seen signs of addiction in your loved one, find out if they would like to go to rehab. If they are open to it, then you can start the process of planning by calling our 24-hour confidential line at 877–377–2027. The use of confrontation in addiction treatment history, science, and time for change.

Get support from others

What Happens After Treatment?

Step 7: Finding a Rehab Program

how to get someone into rehab

How can you support someone while they’re in rehab?

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